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About Us

The AFL-CIO Tech Institute works at the intersection of technological innovation in the workplace, centering worker knowledge, expertise, and interests in our modern innovation-based economy with the goal of ensuring that technological change creates widespread prosperity for all American workers. The Tech Institute was established by the AFL-CIO, the national labor federation of 60 national affiliates and 12.5 million workers across every sector of our economy. We work with a broad set of stakeholders, including unions and their members, universities, public officials, funders and employers to develop educational tools, policy analysis, and strategies to advance the needs and interests of working people in our rapidly shifting tech economy

Executive Director

Amanda Ballantyne

Amanda Ballantyne directs the AFL-CIO Technology Institute and the AFL-CIO Working for America Institute and serves as a strategic advisor to AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler.

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Deputy Director

Arohi Pathak

Arohi Pathak has joined the AFL-CIO Tech Institute as deputy director; she works to leverage federal investments in technology and manufacturing to create quality jobs, uphold labor standards

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Workforce Development Policy Advisor

Kimberly Cosby

Kim Cosby is a strategic policy adviser for the AFL-CIO Technology Institute with a focus on workforce development.

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Communication & Events Coordinator

Cindy Wiseman

Cindy Wiseman joined the AFL-CIO Tech Institute in April 2024 as its Communications and Events Coordinator.

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Executive Administrative Assistant

Jeanne LaRoque

Jeanne LaRoque is an executive administrative assistant for the AFL-CIO Technology Institute.  Jeanne has over 30 years working for the AFL-CIO.  Jeanne brings her experience in the

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Executive Administrative Assistant

Kristen Loewe

Kristen Loewe is an executive administrative assistant for the AFL-CIO Technology Institute and Working for America Institute.

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